ScriptAlign® for Physicians
for the Visually Impaired

Manage Patient Medication Easily
with ScriptAlign®

ScriptAlign® for Physicians for the Visually Impaired

Manage Patient Medication Easily with ScriptAlign®

ScriptAlign® Medication Management Service

For many visually impaired individuals, managing their medication can be a tremendous challenge. PMC Pharmacy has been working closely with many people in the visually impaired community and has developed a Medication Management Program that improves patient health, safety and compliance and helps your patient maintain their independence!

ScriptAlign® VIP offers an accessible dispenser box and all of your patient’s medications are synchronized and aligned to start on the same day. The entire month is organized and dispensed by the time of day and each dose is custom packaged in clear, individually sealed, easy to open packets.

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ScriptAlign® VIP-
For your Patient...

No More Pill Boxes, Pill Vials, Safety Caps or Separating Medications

  • Synchronize and align ALL medications, OTC’s & supplements to start on the same day
  • Confidential enrollment is fast and easy – PMC transfers all prescriptions
  • Personal consultations with our Nurse and/or Pharmacists who will provide expert advice
  • Monthly follow-up calls to confirm medication delivery schedule

  • Clear, easy to read and open packets clearly labeled with all medication information for those with sighted support
  • Convenient dispenser boxes includes medication packets for each time of day, for the entire month
  • Perfect for travel - just tear off the packets and go!
  • No more trips to the pharmacy – never run out, never miss a dose!

  • Reduced burden upon caregivers – maintain independence
  • Improved health & safety – fewer hospital visits and re-admissions
  • No cost for the service and free delivery

Accessible Dispenser Box Includes:

  • Medications for the entire month
  • Individual dispenser boxes for each dose of the day
  • Tactile “bump dots” and Braille printing indicating the dosage time of the day
  • Large, contrasting black & white print

Your Patients can spend more time with their family and friends, and less time with their PillBox!

Benefits for Your Practice

PMC Pharmacy’s experienced Pharmacy & Customer Support Staff Confidential enrollment is fast and easy and PMC does all of the legwork and transfers all of your patient’s prescriptions from all of their doctors.

PMC also calls your patient once a month to follow-up and confirm their medication delivery schedule. They will always speak with a real person who knows their medication history and they have the option to speak directly with our pharmacists to answer any questions at any time.

PMC’s ScriptAlign® VIP is perfect for daily travel or vacation and will help your patient maintain their independence!

Imagine - no more pill boxes, pill vials, safety caps or separating medications. No more trips to the pharmacy. No more running out of medication or missing a dose! Fewer hospital visits and improved health & safety!

Best of all, PMC offers free delivery to your patient’s home or place of work and there is no cost to them for the service!

Insurance Information:

ALL forms of Insurance accepted. Including Workers’ Comp, Auto claims, Veterans Administration Insurance and All Medicare Part D plans.

Customizable Packets Include

  • Patient’s Name
  • Date, Day of Week
  • Time of Administration (Ex: 8:00 AM)
  • Medication Name, Color, Shape, Strength
  • Medication Quantity/Packet
  • Prescriber Name, RX # and NDC #

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Lynne M.
    "I have been using our ScriptAlign® VIP System for over a year now and I love it! When I went away to guide dog school for two weeks all I did was tear off the appropriate number of packets on the strip…How easy and simple to travel with! As my Low Vision Doctor said, “This is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t anyone want this?
    Lynne M.
  • Irvin S.
    “ScriptAlign® VIP is an excellent program for the visually impaired. It keeps you on track as far as your timing of doses during the day and is a lot easier for me to travel with. I know which boxes are which because of the braille labels.”
    Irvin S.
  • Maria V.
    “I love it! The ScriptAlign® VIP Program is absolutely wonderful! I love that it has the big print, braille and bump dots. Having a guide dog, I have less of a chance of dropping pills on the floor…I strongly encourage anyone who is vision impaired to take full advantage of the ScriptAlign® VIP Program…It is a life saver and has been a Godsend!”
    Maria V.
  • Michael F.
    “I really like PMC Pharmacy’s medication system for the Visually Impaired! It is very easy and much better than going to the local pharmacy. It is also very easy to travel with...I just tear off a few packets and go! Everything is packaged correctly and I like that!”

    Michael F.
  • Karen R.
    “I truly feel that more people should be using this way of taking medications because nothing will be left out. It is very easy if you have low vision and have problems reading the bottles, or even if you have no vision. I was a nurse for 40 years and this is sensational! I am telling you it is marvelous and I want people to know!.”
    Karen R.
  • Debbie R.
    “I started receiving the VIP medication boxes about a year ago and it has been a wonderful part of my daily living. There is no more opening 5 pill bottles each morning or sitting down and separating the pills for the week and ending up dropping some on the floor for the dog to get. Thank you PMC!” 

    Debbie R.
  • Susan L.
    “Before I started using the ScriptAlign® system I had to track the refill dates for more than a half-dozen prescriptions. With the ScriptAlign® system, I don’t have to put any extra effort into using my medication. I simply tear and take. Taking my medication has never been more convenient and hassle-free!”
    Susan L.

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