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Manage Patient Medication Easily...
Without Having to Fill a Pill Box!

ScriptAlign® for Home Health Organizations

Manage Patient Medication Easily & Without Having to Fill a Pill Box

Our Medication Management Service

PMC Pharmacy specializes in providing compassionate, personalized medication management for patients in the Long Term Care setting, including Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Group Homes, Independent and Assisted Living Communities, Home Health and Medical At Home Patients. We work closely with physicians and extended care givers to ensure their patients receive the highest level of compliant care and service.

Managing their patients medication schedules, while providing supporting care, can be a significant challenge for the organizations that we support. PMC Pharmacy is pleased to offer ScriptAlign®, an innovative and revolutionary medication packaging technology that improves patient medication adherence, increases independence, improves quality of life and leads to better health!

PMC synchronizes and aligns all of your patient’s medications into individual packets to start on the same day, by date, day and time and packages all medications in one convenient box for the entire month.

Questions? Check out our ScriptAlign® - LTC FAQ Page.

About ScriptAlign®

ScriptAlign® is especially helpful for the elderly, or more critically ill patients who are easily confused regarding which medications they are supposed to be taking and when they are scheduled to take them. Your patients can say goodbye to those cumbersome pillboxes forever!

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New Nurse Navigator Program!

Only PMC Pharmacy offers a Medication Consult with our Nurse Navigator to assist Patients' in getting started…

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ScriptAlign Update Meds

ScriptAlign® -
For Your Patient...

No More Pill Boxes, Pill Vials, Safety Caps or Separating Medications

  • Synchronize and align ALL medications, OTC’s & supplements to start on the same day
  • Confidential enrollment is fast and easy – PMC transfers all prescriptions
  • Personal consultations with our Nurse and/or Pharmacists who will provide expert advice
  • Monthly follow-up calls to confirm medication delivery schedule

  • Clear, easy to read and open packets clearly labeled with all medication information
  • Convenient dispenser box includes medication packets for the entire month
  • Perfect for travel - just tear off the packets and go!
  • No more trips to the pharmacy – never run out, never miss a dose!

  • Reduced burden upon caregivers – maintain independence
  • Improved health & safety – fewer hospital visits and re-admissions
  • No cost for the service and free delivery

Your Patients can spend more time with their family and friends, and less time with their PillBox!

Note - PMC also offer ScriptAlign® VIP for Visually Impaired Patients

Benefits for the Home Health Care Provider

No More Pill Boxes, Pill Vials, Separating Medications or Counting Your Patient’s Pills!

  • More time for personal patient care and more peace of mind for families
  • Simple and consistent medication administration instructions for the patient so they can easily identify which medications to take and when, which helps reinforce their independence!
  • Improved patient health, safety and compliance resulting in reduced hospitalizations and re-admissions for your patient
  • Reduced errors – medications are individually packaged (by patient, day, date and time) and verified at the pharmacy
  • Simplified medication reconciliation process & improved regulatory compliance
  • Reduced risk of medication diversion through sequential dosing helps improve overall therapy results
  • Proactive vs. reactive approach means patients will never run out of their medication again due to a last minute refill
  • Builds value with your patients and differentiates your organization!

Insurance Information:

Most forms of insurance accepted…Including Workers’ Comp, Auto Claims, Veterans Administration and most Medicare Part D Plans. Call for details.

Customizable Packets Include

  • Patient’s Name
  • Date, Day of Week
  • Time of Administration (Ex: 8:00 AM)
  • Medication Name, Color, Shape, Strength
  • Medication Quantity/Packet
  • Prescriber Name, RX # and NDC #

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Nancy Y.
    “ScriptAlign has improved my life immensely and getting my vitamins added in also helps. I know what I am taking now and I know what still needs to be taken. Also, I can’t say enough on how easy an experience it was getting started. Your customer service is superb…They are very helpful and kind and their patience is so appreciated. I would recommend it!”
    Nancy Y.
  • Karen C.
    “ScriptAlign has made it very easy for me – I know at a glance if my medication was taken because the date, day and time are marked. It takes two seconds for me to pull and take medication with me on the go. I really like that I get to speak to someone before my order is shipped. It was very easy to get started and the Customer Service Department is great!”
    Karen C.
  • Charlotte H.
    “ScriptAlign has simplified my meds and has given me peace of mind because they have the day, time and what pills are in each pkg. Also, your Customer Service has been wonderful at each step, helping me and my sister get the pills organized for the right times and quantities”
    Charlotte H.
  • Elaine J. & Mom, Luretha W.
    “Mom used to run out of medication and it would always be a last minute scramble to get them re-filled. Then, her visiting Nurse told us about ScriptAlign. It is wonderful to have all of her medications together. All she has to do is tear off the packet and take the medication. You guys stay on top of everything and knowing that somebody is handling that for her is very comforting… Thank you so much!”
    Elaine J. & Mom, Luretha W.
  • Marie I.
    “I used to manage my own medication on a daily basis. Now, ScriptAlign has given me the convenience of free time. It was very easy to get started and the Customer Service Department goes “above and beyond” the call of duty. They are excellent!”
    Marie I.
  • Dennis G.
    “As an “Old Guy” with lots of meds, I no longer have time to spend time filling my weekly med pill boxes. Script-Align has been a Godsend! Switching was extremely easy! Customer Service in general is just not what it used to be, however, your Customer Service Department is one of the best (if not, “The Best” I have ever dealt with). They do outstanding work, especially working through problems. PMC Pharmacy has been great for me and great for my health!”
    Dennis G.
  • Joseph & Betty P.
    “PMC Pharmacy has saved us a lot of running around getting our Meds…and keeps us on track!”
    Joseph & Betty P.
  • Helena L.
    “ScriptAlign has allowed me to feel more independent and save money on nursing care. Your Customer Service team is very friendly and helpful (& lets me know when I need refills). I feel like I have new “friends & family”!”
    Helena L.
  • Rosemary C.
    “PMC ScriptAlign program has greatly improved our resident's ability to live independently longer. Their customer service is second to none, and their team goes above and beyond expectations.”
    Rosemary C.

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