RelieveRX Pain Medication Management – Practice FAQ

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Start Date Alignment - My Patients have Medications with different start dates. How can PMC help?
PMC Pharmacy specializes in aligning all of the Patient’s Medication start dates to facilitate one delivery every thirty days. Every package comes with information about the Patient’s start dates, how long the Medication will last, and if they can expect to have another package delivered the next month (or if this package is the last one on the schedule).

Insurance – Does PMC accept Insurance Plans?
Most forms of insurance accepted. Including Workers’ Comp, Auto Claims, Veterans Administration and most Medicare Part D Plans. Call for details.

Workers’ Compensation - Does PMC Pharmacy accept Workers’ Compensation Patients?
Yes, PMC has contracts with all Workers’ Compensation organizations. In addition, PMC will often discover that a Patient has settled their case long before the Physician is notified. When this happens, PMC will notify the Practice, thereby saving them from the unfortunate circumstance of administering service without getting properly compensated.

Prior Authorizations - How can PMC Pharmacy help alleviate this burden?
PMC will work on your behalf to complete Prior Authorizations and get approvals for the Medications you prescribe. PMC is effective most of the time in getting Prior Authorizations completed without the Practice’s involvement. If Practice involvement is necessary, PMC will fill out the necessary paperwork and fax to your office for completion.

Monthly Appointments – Do we still see our Patients every month?
Yes, you can still see your Patients each month. PMC Pharmacy works with many Practices that set up a three-month dispensing schedule, and continue to see their Patients on a monthly basis. If a change is needed at any time during the previously defined dispensing schedule, simply contact PMC and we will adjust from that day forward.

New Patients – Our Practice is accepting new Patients, how can PMC help facilitate our growth?
Your Practice may no longer need to see Patients every 30 days just for prescriptions. The PMC process adds flexibility to your schedule so that more openings are created to see new Patients or perform procedures, which helps increase the size of your Practice.

The cost for the Service - Does PMC Pharmacy charge our Practice for their services?
No, PMC does not charge the Patient or the Practice for this service.

Co-Pays - Are co-pays the same at PMC as at any other Pharmacy?
Yes, co-pays are dictated by insurance companies and are therefore the same cost to the Patient.

Delivery Schedule - How fast can PMC Pharmacy get our Patients their Medications?
For existing Patients, PMC may be able to get Medication to them as early as next day. For new Patients, please send a temporary 7-day prescription to PMC and we will send the order with an advanced eighth-day start date. This will allow PMC time to verify insurance and handle Prior Authorizations, etc...

Travel - We have Patients that travel occasionally. Can PMC Pharmacy still help?
Yes, PMC has a number of Patients who travel occasionally and require delivery to a different address. Please let PMC know where the package should be sent and those accommodations may be able to be made.

Early Medication Shipment - Can our Patient’s Medication be delivered prior to the start date?
PMC does not grant early delivery requests to Patients; however, if your Patient needs Medication early due to travel etc., they can contact PMC and we will call your Practice on their behalf and request an early dispense. PMC Pharmacy will only dispense Medications early when given approval by the Practice.

Medication Availability - Will PMC Pharmacy have the Medications our Patient’s need in stock?
Yes, PMC Pharmacy works closely with our supplier and your Practice to ensure Medication availability.

Adverse Effect Medications – Does PMC Pharmacy provide those Medications as well?
PMC carries ALL Medications that a specialist who treats pain symptoms would prescribe.

Non-Pain Related Medication – Can PMC Pharmacy provide other Medications?
PMC handles ALL Medications to treat ALL conditions (Not just Pain)… including injectables, inhalers, etc…

PRN Medications - Will PMC Pharmacy dispense PRN Medications before the end of the 30 day cycle?
PMC will not dispense PRN Medications prior to the end of the 30 day cycle. PMC understands that the quantity prescribed is intended to last 30 days, in conjunction with the Patient’s long acting Medication.

90 Day Supplies - Can our Patients receive a 90 Day supply of Medication?
Some Pharmacy Benefits Managers will allow our Pharmacy to deliver three month supplies.

Future Medication Fills - If necessary, how do we stop future fills?
If, for any reason, you no longer wish that the Patient receive Medication, simply notify PMC Pharmacy by phone or fax to discontinue all orders for the Patient in question.

Delivery – How does PMC Pharmacy deliver Medication?

  • To ensure consistent therapy, Medications are either hand delivered by a PMC employed driver, or shipped via a National courier…Both to arrive the day before the scheduled start date. If special requirements are necessary, please contact PMC Pharmacy.
  • PMC is not a Mail Order Pharmacy – We build personal relationships with our Patients and understand their needs. Mail Order Pharmacies typically fill Prescriptions and deliver via the US Postal Service to an unattended mailbox. PMC’s deliveries are hand packaged and monitored from the time they leave PMC to the time they arrive at their destination…where a Patient or Caregiver signs for the package.
  • Shipping outside of the USA – PMC does not currently ship outside of the USA.
  • There is NO COST to you for the Medication alignment service and Delivery is FREE!