Managing Your Pain Medication

Suffering from Chronic Pain? Feeling Judged?
Having Trouble Filling your Medications? Frustrated?
We can Help!

Managing Your Pain Medication

Suffering from Chronic Pain? Feeling Judged?
Having Trouble Filling your Medications? Frustrated?
We can Help!

Pain Medication Management

PMC Pharmacy’s RelieveRX program is specially designed to help Chronic Pain Management Patients. We are Experts in Pain Medication Management and understand the challenges you face in filling your pain medication. Let us help you and your Provider better manage the process.

While many pharmacies are equipped to handle common cold remedies, antibiotics or maintenance medications, very few have the knowledge and compassion that is required when assisting a patient undergoing medication therapy for a chronic pain condition…And while most pharmacies only carry a small supply of pain medications, PMC Pharmacy works closely with our suppliers, patients, and practices to ensure medication availability, thereby eliminating interruptions in your medication therapy.

Never run out of medication again!

While most pharmacies simply dispense medication, PMC proactively manages your entire medication regimen to ensure uninterrupted treatment!

About RelieveRX

  • Medication on the day you need it – Align all of your medications to start on the same day
  • Expertly managed medication schedules before, during and after your due dates
  • Single source for ALL medications - PMC stocks most medications to treat pain, pain related, and most other chronic conditions
  • Secure Hand Delivery to your home, work or designated recipient. - Not Mail Order
  • Medication management Service for every stage of life

Customer Service Excellence!

  • Customer Service and Pharmacy Professionals who specialize in pain management
  • Fast, easy, confidential enrollment
  • Nimble, local, responsive, pain management pharmacy…that cares!

The Many Benefits You Will Enjoy!

  • Fewer visits to your Doctor’s office just for refills
  • No more awkward or embarrassing questions & NO JUDGEMENT!
  • No more waiting in line at the pharmacy
  • No more short / partial fills
  • Never run out of medication again!

Insurance Information:

Most forms of insurance accepted…Including Workers’ Comp, Auto Claims, Veterans Administration and most Medicare Part D Plans. Call for details.

PMC Pharmacy’s RelieveRX Program aligns all of your pain medications to start on the same day…and ensures that you never run out again! More consistency, more confidence, and more control over your pain!

General Notes

  • PMC Pharmacy is a patient advocate with insurance companies and will work with you and your doctor to eliminate roadblocks and ensure your medications are covered
  • We also work with all drug manufacturers and automatically apply all current coupons being offered in the marketplace
  • PMC is experienced with Workers’ Comp & Auto claims

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Stacy S.
    “I am very pleased with PMC Pharmacy. It was very difficult to find Pharmacies near me who carried my Medications. Since I do not drive, PMC makes my life so much easier! PMC calls me every month to inform me of my next delivery and my Medications are always delivered on time.”
    Stacy S.
  • Pete D.
    “I am a new customer to your pharmacy, and I thought you should know what a wonderful job your Customer Service Team has done with my account. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to finally find a pharmacy that understands the value of treating patients like customers! I was an insurance claims manager for 25 years, so I know the value of employees who care about their customers. If all of your people handle customers like she does, your business is in very good shape indeed!”
    Pete D.
  • Loretta J.& Daughter Laura
    "I can't tell you how thankful we are! Both of your customer service reps have always been so helpful, but to manage a Saturday delivery is the impossible! They really went above and beyond all expectations. God bless all of you! PS: we also enjoy your newsletter”
    Loretta J.& Daughter Laura
  • Bob K.
    “Since switching to PMC, my life has been a lot easier! The big chain Pharmacies never had the Medication in stock and would not take the Prescription until the day it was due to run out, and then they would order it…and I would be sick for 2 days until it came in. I told my Doctor and he said he had a cure for that! He faxed my Prescriptions to PMC and now I get it on time!”
    Bob K.
  • Ruth W.
    “Your service has been excellent! I cannot get out to my local Pharmacy any longer and PMC is the answer to my problems!”
    Ruth W.
  • Anne B.
    “I appreciate PMC’s Customer Service and friendliness very much! You always notify me when my Medications are due to arrive and I don’t ever have to worry. It’s a tremendous comfort to know that there will never be a problem with an order and that I can always count on PMC!”
    Anne B.
  • Shirley P.
    “All aspects of PMC are beyond great…outstanding service! I would highly recommend your Pharmacy to others!”
    Shirley P.
  • Kimberly R.
    “PMC Pharmacy is a Godsend…Everything runs so smoothly and it makes my life so much easier! I used to have anxiety every month – Will the Pharmacy have my Medication? How long will I wait? Will people judge me for the Medications I take? Now, I look forward to speaking with your Customer Service team every month and then opening my front door, where my Medication magically appears!”
    Kimberly R.
  • Darcie J.
    “PMC is so easy to work with and everyone I have talked to has been helpful and sincere.”
    Darcie J.
  • Phyllis M.
    “For me, PMC’s service is 100% reliable. I don’t have to monitor dates on the calendar & be concerned with ordering refills before my Medications run out because they always remind me when I’m using the last fill. PMC always calls me several days before a delivery to let me know when my RX’s will arrive.”
    Phyllis M.
  • Linda M.
    “Your service is excellent and my Medication is received on time! The best part about PMC is the Customer Service…They are so polite and are willing to help solve any problem. I am so glad I switched Pharmacies!”
    Linda M.
  • Greg M.
    “Thanks for your quality and professionalism... you have made my pain filled life a little better. In the past, I’ve had so much trouble with the chain retail Pharmacies. It’s just one less thing I have to worry about and my Medications come on time every month. Thanks again!”
    Greg M.
  • Billy H.
    “I could not be happier with all of the services provided by PMC…Customer Service could not be any better!!!”
    Billy H.
  • Elizabeth T.
    “I love PMC…All of the staff are so helpful, kind and supportive! They all go out of their way to ensure that I get what I need, when I need it. I have suggested PMC Pharmacy to others with Chronic Pain. PMC has been a lifesaver!”
    Elizabeth T.
  • Tina L.
    “Customer Service is excellent…Always helpful and cheerful. Shipping is always on time and I have never had a problem. I couldn’t live without you and highly recommend PMC! Keep up the good work!”
    Tina L.
  • Elisha N.
    “Before, a lot of Pharmacies were out of stock and I felt as if they were judging me. It was embarrassing. Now, this is so convenient and I do not have to worry about my Medicine being late…everything is set up and I get it on time.”
    Elisha N.
  • Susan H.
    “Your customer service people have been fantastic, kind, warm and genuinely concerned and caring. I feel, at last, that I am in good hands!”
    Susan H.
  • Ron H.
    “I have been a most satisfied PMC customer for a number of years, and I am always touched by the small, personal efforts made by the otherwise anonymous people at PMC. I think it is important that those of us with chronic pain conditions, who usually lose a degree of human contact because of our situations, be made to feel special. Thanks for everything!”
    Ron H.
  • Mary M.
    “I have been extremely happy with your Pharmacy from day one. I am very pleased and glad that my Doctor told me about PMC. It’s the best decision I’ve made!”
    Mary M.
  • Tom M.
    “I am a chronic pain sufferer, and I’ve used PMC Pharmacy’s service for over 6 years. The quality of customer service, delivery and follow-up has always been superb. Several friends are also using PMC, and they are equally satisfied. Bravo and kudos to the entire management and staff!”
    Tom M.
  • Glenn S.
    “PMC has been awesome and so convenient! I love how they always have my Prescription ready and I never have to worry about it being out of stock.”
    Glenn S.

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