Hospice Administrator Program

Looking to reduce the amount your organization spends on Medication?

Hospice Administrator Program

Looking to reduce the amount your organization spends on Medication?

Our Program Is Your Solution!

PMC Pharmacy collaborates with Hospice Organizations to manage the cost and quality of the program and provide improved access to medications that your Hospice is currently receiving.

PMC is fully equipped to service your business as a local pharmacy, offer our expertise, and automate the process in a transparent design. We will help your Hospice achieve a higher level of success and remain a thriving part of our shared community.

Watch this video to learn more about PMC's Hospice Administrator Program.

Why Would a Hospice Need This Program?

The Medicare program under CMS continues to discuss or actively seek cuts to the Hospice per diem. This is happening at a time when more patients with different medical conditions are seeking participation under the Hospice program. These patients have new and different medication regimen requirements that are increasing the Hospice cost exposure.

Hospice medication costs used to be an insignificant component of the overall per diem cost but today these costs are over 10% of the total per diem for most Hospices and the reasons for this are varied:

  • New patient medical conditions
  • More expensive generics
  • Formularies that need to be better controlled
  • No access to data
  • The need to have better Pharmacist participation

Medicare instituted new Hospice Conditions of Participation (CoP) effective December 2008 and PMC Pharmacy can support this requirement.

A formal agreement with PMC Pharmacy will benefit your Hospice by enhancing services like delivery and drug availability and aligning objectives to reduce the drug spend (but maintain the quality).

What Are We Offering for a Hospice?

Deeper Discounted Pricing: PMC Pharmacy can offer your Hospice access to deeper discounted pricing to support your cost savings goal.

Unique Hospice Formulary: PMC Pharmacy can work with your Hospice to develop a unique formulary for your organization.

Online Access to Data: PMC Pharmacy can offer a 100% transparent program design complete with access to online data so that the Hospice can review information, understand where the dollars are being spent, identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.

What are the Steps in the Process?

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