Long Term Care FAQ

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Start Date Alignment – My Patients’ Medications have different start dates, how can PMC help?
PMC specializes in aligning all of the Patient’s Medication start dates to facilitate one delivery every thirty days. Every package comes with information about the Patient’s start dates, how long the Medication will last and how many more packages will arrive on this Prescription cycle.

Note: Medication will be sent to the Patient in VIALS until ALL Medications are Aligned.

Co-Pays – Are co-pays the same at PMC as at any other Pharmacy?
Yes, co-pays are dictated by insurance companies and are therefore the same cost to the Patient at PMC.

Insurance – Does PMC accept Insurance Plans?
Most forms of insurance accepted. Call for details.

Workers’ Compensation – Does PMC Pharmacy accept Workers’ Compensation Patients?
Yes, PMC has contracts with ALL Workers’ Compensation organizations.

Cost for the Service – Does PMC charge for their services?
PMC does offer some services that require a fee for service. These are services that are not typically covered by your pharmacy insurance plans.

Delivery – How does PMC Pharmacy deliver Medication?

  • To ensure consistent therapy, Medications are either hand delivered by a PMC employed driver, or shipped via a National courier…Both to arrive the day before the scheduled start date. If special requirements are necessary, please contact PMC Pharmacy.
  • PMC is not a Mail Order Pharmacy
  • Shipping outside of the USA – PMC does not currently ship outside of the USA.

Travel – Can PMC help if my Patient travels occasionally?
Yes, PMC has many Patients who travel occasionally and require shipping to a different address. Please notify PMC as soon as possible to make arrangements.

Special Circumstances – What if an emergency arises? Can PMC accommodate my Patient?
Once aligned, the ScriptAlign® Program requires maintaining a specific monthly schedule for inventory, scheduling and production (The Program is customized specifically for each Patient). While every situation is different, if a last-minute need arises (Emergency Travel, Medication change, etc...), please have your Patient call PMC and we will do everything we can to accommodate the Patient).

Medication Availability – Will PMC Pharmacy have the Medications my Patients need in stock?
Yes, PMC works closely with all of the Patient’s Physicians, and our Suppliers to ensure ample supply of all Medications.

Supplements & Over the Counter’s – Can PMC handle Supplements and Over the Counter Medications?
Yes, PMC offers a wide variety of Supplements and OTC’s that can be packaged with all other Medications; or, delivered separately in bottles.

PRN Medications – Will PMC dispense PRN (As Needed) Medications?
Yes, however, these Medications will need to come separately, not in the ScriptAlign® Packets.
Additionally, Medications that frequently change will also need to come separately in Vials (Ex: Coumadin).

90 Day Supplies – Can my Patient receive a 90 Day supply of Medication?
Yes, however this is dependent upon the patient's pharmacy benefit plan. Please contact us for details.

Future Medication Fills – If necessary, how does my Patient stop future fills?
If your Patient no longer wishes to receive Medication from PMC, have them simply notify us by phone.